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The Western European photo-merchandise market grew by 12% to €846 million in 2015 and is set to reach €918 million in 2016. Growth varies significantly by country and by product, but canvas remains the fastest...


Italy’s video entertainment market remains the fourth largest in the EU, at around €4 billion, with the innovative Pay-TV industry continuing to provide the backbone to the market. Italy has struggled with a...


In this report we present a status report on the total Consumer Electronics Worldwide landscape, market outlook and competitive situation, building on over 25 years’ continuous worldwide research in CE and...


Worldwide demand for digital cameras reached 38m units in 2015, representing a 24% decline. The rate of decline has decelerated, following two years of >30% reduction in annual volumes. The value of the market...


This is the latest edition of the Blu-ray Market Tracker report published as part of Futuresource’s Quarterly Blu-ray Global Tracking Service: - Update reports are issued every quarter. - This volume draws on...


This new strategic bulletin shines a spotlight on the worldwide action camera market. Despite consumer demand remaining strong within EMEA and witnessing impressive growth within Asia Pacific, demand is...


Worldwide demand for Action Cameras reached 10.2m units in 2015, representing annual growth of 30%. The value of the market grew at a lower rate, reaching $2.1 billion at trade (+5% increase), due to...


The Polish video entertainment market continues to achieve marginal growth with total revenues forecast to expand by 1% during 2016 to PLN 7.7 billion, this follows a growth of 4% experienced during 2015. The...


In 2015, worldwide demand for Home Audio products grew by 24% to 88.2m units, and generated trade revenues worth $9.8bn This report provides an updated outlook for the worldwide Home Audio market. It supplies...


The Worldwide Digital Media Adaptor (DMA) market saw shipments of 42m during 2015. This translated into a trade value of $1.9bn, representing a growth of 14% year-on-year. Market leaders Google, Amazon and...

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